About us

Welcome to the website of Cosplay group MMMC!

MMMC is a group of 10 of whom 8 are cosplayers and we are, in the first place, a tight group of friends. Our members live in every corner of the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and from Arnhem to Sprang-Capelle. Our name comes from the time we used to have Monthly Movie Meetings, and later, we added the “C” of cosplay and thus MMMC, or TripleMC, was born.

We have been active in the competitive cosplay scene since 2010 and we have since represented the Netherlands in London, Paris, Brazil, China and Japan. Besides making costumes and performing with them on stage we love to share our know how on certain cosplay related subject in different kinds of workshops. We worked with different kinds of audiences and are always on the look our for new opportunities to share our thoughts.