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About Us

We are a cosplay group from the Netherlands.
Acts Workshops Lectures Commissions Judging

We have been a group of friends before we became MMMC. We've been cosplaying together since 2007 and have been competing internationaly since 2010. We have represented the Netherlands in Paris, London, China and Brazil. Besides cosplay acts we love to share our know how by hosting workshops on various subjects, from worbla to posing for pictures and from act making to painting props. You can ask us to make stuff for you as well! From props to full costumes, custom wigheads to voices for your cosplay act!

  • Cosplay acts

    Group and solo

  • Workhops and lectures

    Worbla, Posing, Act Making, Story telling in coslay acts, Make up, ..

  • Commissions

    Props, costumes, act voice overs and music

  • Judging

    Pre-judging, act judging

Scouting NL

We provided multiple Thermoplastics workshops for Scouting Netherlands.


Toki has provided multipe people with their own custom wighead, made of felt.

AnimeCon 2016

We provided an act during the Openings Ceremony.

Meet the members

We are from all over the Netherlands. Learn about our cosplay history, plans and preferences.
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Cosplayer, Act maker, Webmaster
Cosplaying since 2007. She’s been to Paris twice to represent the Netherlands and once to Brazil to represent the Benelux. Her specialties are act making and voice acting and she prefers working with fabrics. She loves portraying strong characters and she has as soft spot for villains.
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Cosplayer, Prop maker
Mikers is the veteran of MMMC cosplaying since 2003. It started our innocent but now cosplay is a important part of his life. He can make anything with thermoplastics, from big axes to 100 small identical details. He has represented the Netherlands in Portugal, Paris and in China.
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Royal Icing

Cosplayer, Prop maker
She likes cosplaying, but her real passion lies in making them. Crafting, sewing, experimenting with new materials are right up her ally. The bigger, the crazier, the better. She’s been to London twice to represent the Netherlands during the EuroCosplay finals.
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Cosplayer, prop maker
Our armor specialist and social butterfly. Constructing his cosplays in a very mathematical manner he never fails to surprice us with his creations. He has visited London, Paris and China as a representative for the Netherlands.
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Cosplayer, Prop maker, Wig maker
The true allrounder in our group. She can work with everything, from wigs to thermoplastics (and maybe even those two together). The youngest in years, but not in experience. She won the EuroCos in 2012 and has been to Paris twice.
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Cosplayer, Presentor
She is on stage the most as the host of the cosplay shows at Animecon. She loves spreading the love of cosplay. She’s always looking for places to promote cosplay through workshops, lectures and presentations about various subjects.
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Model, Traveler
Kimi loves being in front of the camera. She has done modeling for fun but also professionaly! Her love for travel brings her to the most inspiring places. She’s always on the move and changes are you’ll run into her on a tropical island.
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Cosplayer, Writer
Jekyll can work the fastest out of all of us. She can decide on making a cosplay 2 weeks before a convention and actualy finish it on time! She loves working with fabrics and likes incorporating unconventional materials in her costumes.

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