Voice Acting

The voices behind MMMC.

We pre-record our acts since this eliminates the changes of forgetting lines and it’s a way to avoid technical difficulties. When a voice is clear and is soothing to the ears it helps in getting a story across to the viewers. Mirai lends her voice to cosplayers around the world!

Her voice can be heard in many of MMMC’s cosplay acts together with fellow MMMCers, but lately she started sharing her love for voice acting with those in need of a voice.

Besides acts she’s been in herself she can be heard in the following:

– WCS 2018 preliminary entry of Alana and Ilunaneko, as the voice of D’vorah


– Cosplay World Masters 2016 preliminary entry of Mikers as the voice of Rachel

ECC 2015 entry of Royal Icing, as the voice of the Narrator

Cosplay World Masters 2015 finals entry (second place), as the voice of NuWa of Mônica Somenzari Cosplay

– YCCi 2016 preliminary entry of Ronald, as the voice of the gamer controlling Ronald’s character

WCS 2015 preliminary entry of Ronald and Haro, as the voice of Ultimeccia

ECC 2015 preliminary entry of Royal Icing, as the voice of the Female Lyn

Cicaf 2014 preliminary and finals entry of Ronald and Mikers, as the voice of the Narrator

Feel free to contact her here or here for more information about her voice acting services.