CosplayGen Awards 2016 report

CosplayGen Awards 2016 at 16th JapAniManga Night, Davos, Switzerland

By Manon // Juu-chan

As some of you may know, I’ve been hosting the cosplay competitions at Animecon, (The Hague) together with Jeroen, for a couple of years now. Every show I get to see the best cosplayers, taste the great atmosphere backstage, feel the energy on stage and meet the cheerful audience. I really love it!

A few months ago, I was asked by CosplayGen Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ruxandra, to host the very first CosplayGen Awards! All cosplayers, photographers and videographers from all over the world could enter this competition, designed to honor the winners of six categories of artistry and creativity: Best Costume, Best Prop, Best Armor, Best Photographer, Best Videographer and a Community Award. Their work would be judged by an international jury and only a few were selected as nominees for a prestigious CosplayGen Award. The winners would be announced at JapAniManga Night in Davos, Switzerland, in a magnificent show, that I was asked to host!

Well, I couldn’t resist.

Luckily I didn’t have to go on my own. Kireus was asked by JapAniManga Night to be a judge for the various cosplay competitions, including the prelims for C4 en WCS. So on Friday May 27th, Kireus and I arrived in Davos with its breathtaking snowy mountains and vast green woods. We spend the next two days at JapAniManga Night, where we met the organizers, the CosplayGen team and of course all the nominees for the CosplayGen Awards. Ruxandra and her team had organized the show to perfection. In advance, they had send me a very clear step-by-step description, so I knew what to expect and how to prepare.

Usually at Animecon, Jeroen and I host the shows together. We always have each other for back-up when we run out of things to say or get our information mixed up. But this time I was by myself. That was a first for me and I was kinda nervous before the show started. Thankfully Ruxandra offered to stay backstage, to keep me company and keep my nerves under control. To let off steam during the show we did some crazy backstage-dancing!

And so that night I hosted the first CosplayGen Awards Show! Ninety minutes of cosplay-, prop-, armor-, photography- and videography-galore; it was glorious, it went amazing and it was so much fun! Everything was under control, thanks to the perfect preparations.

I had the privilege to meet some very well known people, like Pugoffka, Yuegene Fay, Sikayc and Nikita. But also the insanely talented CGA-nominees, one by one showing great passion for their work. If you’re interested, please check out these awesome people’s pages listed below.

It was very impressive and inspiring to be a small part of the first CosplayGen Awards. I’m grateful for this memorable experience, the things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, the moments we shared. <3

If you want to know the nominees, check out their work here:

Garam & Dall
Sneaky Zebra
Mery Cosplay
Cerulean Draco
The Shepperd
Ubers Cosplay
Shappi Workshop
Narcisse Cosplay Art
Ptytb Art Atelier
Shyrelya Cosplay and Games
Vitaly Sparoff