Events Planning and new interview

Con season has started and we are planning our visits to future events. Since we’re with eight we are not visiting every event together as a whole. But a lot of our members can be found on Dutch events and also on events outside of the Netherlands! Our event agenda is being filled slowly but steadily.

In February you can find some of our members on the following events:

Kireus as a cosplay judge at Tsunacon, which is held on the 14th of February in Rotterdam.

Mirai and Toki will visit London Super Comic Con, which is held on the 21st and 22nd of February in London. Try and find them at the guest signing table for a chat!

As for March onwards… so much to do and events to choose from! We’ll plan this year month per month, just so we can keep up with ourselfs. If we spontaneously decided to visit an event we’ll tell you so onĀ  Facebook and Twitter.


And last but not least. Mirai’s interview with the Sushitimes has been published! She tells about herself as a cosplayer, a person and another passion which she likes to combine with cosplay. Want to know more about MMMC as a group or some details about Mikers or Jekyll? Those interviews are already up on the Sushitimes. More in depth interviews with our members are still coming up!