February Con reports

Tsunacon, by Kireus

“Today i attended Tsunacon in my 2014 Gene Mesh outfit (from Thores concept art) and it was a blast! Many people participated the cosplay fashion show, which i got to judge with Yaraiya & SedNobis. Doing so was not easy! Because the level was really good. Everyone who participated was really friendly, and i had a great time. The stage presence in holland is also slowly getting better and better! (not thanks to me lol) These ‘new’ cosplayers sure know how to be out there.

In the afternoon we performed a raid on the dealer room and food corner with the girls from PRISM, tried the new Thibra! And i had a nice talk with Pretzl Cosplay and Hakan Senyigit, who are are both two inspiring cosplayers from Holland. Doing their own thing in their own ways, talking about new materials and how to follow your dreams!”

Tsuna Ronald


London Super Comic Convention, by Mirai and Toki

“We planned this trip rather spontaneous! We decided to travel by night bus, because of our wallets and since we’re both not very big we can curl up on the bus seats and sleep we figured. Well… we sort of did. After a long trip with 1.5 hours of delay we arrived at the ExCel and we had to get moving. We had a spot at a signing booth from 12AM-1PM and a lot of friends came by to say “hi”.

Exchanging prints with Calssara and Saya expanded our print collection a little and we discussed photoshoots on conventions vs planned photoshoots out side of conventions. We looked into this wonderful magazine Cohaku, very inspiring and motivating! Be sure to check it out!

Unfortunately we had to little time to explore the convention grounds… or rather, we have to return to LSCC to get the full experience!”