March Con reports

J-popcon, by Mikers

“On a whim Mikers and Mike Simons decided to visited Denmark from the 17th until 20th of March for J-Popcon. By plane it does not take too long to travel from The Netherlands to Copenhagen.They both brought two costumes to the convention. Mikers brought his new Jolteon Gijinka (Pokémon) and Finn (Adventure Time) while Mike took his Haunter (Pokémon Gijinka) and his Zombie costume.

J-Popcon’s theme of the convention was Pokémon and this was really well implanted all over the event. The staff was wearing Pokémon t-shirts, you could battle gym leaders, and there was a Haunted House (Lavender Town). Many of the cosplayers brought Pokémon costumes so that even added more to the atmosphere.

One of the main attractions during J-Popcon were off course the cosplay competitions.

There was some really high level of storytelling during the acts and there were some very skillfully constructed costumes.

It was good seeing old friends from CICAF (FantasyNinja, Mirazie Cosplay, Yoshu Cosplay) and many other Danish friends during this event and it was nice being able to spend time with them. It would be awesome to be able to experience more events together in the near future.”


Dutch Comic Con, by Mirai and Toki

“We attended the Sunday of this two-day event and it was a really fun day! It wasn’t as crowed as the Saturday so it was easier to move around the convention grounds. Because of this we managed to see and talk to alot of friends! We decided to enter the cosplay competition since we wanted to perform our Great Saiyaman Dance again. We changed some parts of the performance and added some new music to make sure everyone could understand what we were doing.

The backstage people were so nice and they were great on keeping us opdated on where we were in the scedule! Lounging around with out fellow contestants is always nice and a great way to meet new people. We really had a blast on stage, everything went as planned and we ended up as best group act!

After the competition was over we had some time left to wander around the dealers and we bought some awesome stuff. Toki finaly found a Dark Magician Girl figure she liked and Mirai bought a very cool looking No Face designer toy from Flaw Toys.

To top the day off we went out for sushi with friends.”


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