Clause Heine Scissors Tutorial

Tutorial Time!

Mikers made this insane Clause Heine costune from Scissors Crown for the prelims and finals of Cicaf. The enormeous scissors were a big part of the costume and in this tutorial, he’ll show us the steps he took towards the moving, giant scissors.



Scaling and patterning
Everything starts with the right proportions. Comparing and measuring many of the artbook images and taking my own measurements. The scissors have been adjusted to fit my body size. They were scaled up to 160 cm.

The material that was used for the scissors is 14mm foam that i purchased from Boxenland.​ You could also use the foam from Minque.​ I transferred the pattern onto the foam and cut it out with a utility knife.

Metal bars and dremeling
Since the foam is bendable I gave it a core which consists of a lightweight but hollow metal bar that normally holds up curtains. First I bent the metal bar with a pipe bender into the shape that I needed. Then I transferred the shape of the pipes onto the foam.

With a dremel i traced the transferred path in the foam to make space for the metal bars. (Dremeling does create a lot of fine dust. Be sure to protect yourself. Cover you eyes, nose, ears and mouth. It is best to do this work outside.)



The metal bars are glued into the foam with hot glue.

The core of the scissors is made out of wood because it needed to be able to work like a regular pair of scissors. The metal bars connect to the core piece of wood. They are attached with a small bolt/screw so the whole scissors can be disassembled into 3 pieces. This way it is easier for traveling and packing.

More dremling and sanding
The outside of the scissors has been dremeled and the blade of the scissors was made with a belt sander for faster smoothness. This again generates a lot of fine dust, so try and do this outside.

The details on the handles have been made with other pieces of foam and 3­D glue. Since the detaining in the artwork is really elaborate i tried to find patterns in it that would suite the shape of the prop.





Painting and finished
All the foam pieces were coated with 3 layers of wood glue. Then painted with a gray primer and over this a black base color.

The silver was first applied with a ‘’rub and buff’’ method. I first used Amsterdam’s silver paint. This did not give the desired result (way too dark silver). I ended up using a different paint: A​leene’s silver paint which worked as a charm and made the scissors look all silver metallic like.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.