Posing for Cosplay Pictures

Posing for cosplay pictures, it can be fun, awkward or very, very difficult.

We’ve been struggeling with this since we began cosplaying since taking pictures is a part of the hobby. But, making good pictures turns out to be harder than it looks!

Finding a flatering pose can be hard and once you think you’ve found one, it shows up disappointing when you look for con-pictures… We want you to learn from our mistakes so we dove into the subject of posing for pictures.

Mind you, a lot of the outcome of pictures have to do with camera angles, lighting an so forth, but the part of striking a pose, that’s something you can actualy control!

Posture is one of the main keys in having a great pose versus a ‘ok’ pose. Standing straight and tall sounds very logical, but a it is actualy forgotten a lot when posing! You’re busy with all the parts of your cosplay, or a hard blowing wind or something else that is distracting.

So, posture. Let’s take a look at the difference in can make in various poses.


Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here and there, but you get the point.

Having an open stance is also one of those open doors, but still very important.


Before signing off we want to leave a couple of our personal Do’s and Dont’s for you.

– Stand straight and tall
– Have an open stance towards the camera
– Be aware of your body and know your ‘better’ side (more on that later!)
– Be prepared!

– Freeze in a pose or expression
– Have a photoshoot when you are tired
– Have a photoshoot when you don’t feel comfortable in your cosplay

About the ‘Be prepared’. Practicing in front of a mirror, when your home alone is the best way to figure out what works for you and what kind of poses you like! You can experiment with new poses or try our poses you already mastered in your new cosplay, to see the effect.

And while you at it, look for your ‘better’ side. Everyone has a side of their face that is more active when it comes to expressions. Or maybe you find out you just like your face or body better when shoot from a specific angle.

We are still learning on this subject with every shoot we do, but we hope we gave you a little insight in posture while posing!

We host an interactive workshop resolving around posing for cosplay pictures. If you want us on your event you can contact us by mail for more information.