Iron Wigs by Toki

The Iron Wig 2016 contest is almost to round 4 so Toki took some time to look back at the previous 3 rounds. Each round sure was a challenge and the competition is fierce! Here are her three entries and her thoughts and inspirations behind her creations.

“Every year Arda Wigs organises a contest which is called the Iron Wig Contest. I sent in my portfolio and I was lucky enough to be picked as one of the 8 contestants! 
The contest goes as follows: Arda sends out wigs to every contestant, when everyone received their wigs the round starts. On the first day you will get the theme and you have two weeks to finish the wig. We are now in round 3, the deadline was last Tuesday and three judges will look at all the entries. We will be judged on five categories: Presentation, cleanliness, complexity, creativity and efficiency of material. We get the result next week, so that’s also the day someone will be eliminated from the contest…

For the first round we received a ponytail wig in Cherry Red and a Long Ponytail Clip in Light Copper. My wig is a combination of an octopus-like shape and a Kokoshnik (a traditional Russian headdress). The color of the wig and clip-on inspired me to make it into an octopus. The Kokoshnik gave me the idea to shape the wig into this design. I styled the rest of the wig in such a way that the idea of the octopus is still visible.

The second round we were given a Rose Pink Wig and two packs of wefts. The theme this time was a pouf updo a la Marie Antoinette.  These hairstyles reminded me of ice-creams and the pink color of the provided wig really suited this idea. That’s why I decided to make a parody of a pouf updo and made the wig into a huge strawberry ice-cream swirl with a cherry on top. And because it’s an ice-cream, it’s melting on one side.


The third round we got a curly ombre wig. It was a freestyle round again, so we could do whatever we wanted. This time I asked my sister to be my model for the wig. Her features are very different than mine so I could go into a different direction with the design. I began sketching with her face in mind and eventually I came up with the idea to make a wig for an alien witch queen (not that she looks like an alien, though. But it just suits her haha!) The first association I had with the colors of the wig were flowers and coral. When I was searching for inspiration I found a very interesting brain-like type of coral. I didn’t want the pink to look cute, but rather a bit nasty. Therefore, I used the brain-like pattern for the back of this ET-hairdo.

The presentation is also a category we get judged on. I’m happy my friend Jeroen Wolf could help me out with the pictures in all three rounds, otherwise I wouldn’t have these nice pictures.

It’s a really time consuming but super fun competition to be part of! Every round I’m amazed by the entries of the other contestants; the level is so high! We still have to wait a few more days until we know who is going to the fourth round, so fingers crossed.”

The audience poll is still open for votes for round 3! If you like the Alien Witch Queen as much as we do, you can leave a vote here: Audience Poll.