What have we been up to?

It’s been a while since we posted something, but not because we were laying around doing nothing! We have been so busy with all kinds of projects and now we have time to breath again. So let us get you up to date!

Last time we posted was in July!

So, lets take it one step at a time. Let’s start with AnimeCon, where we provided an Openings Act with some of our friends! We planned and rehearsed for half a year and when it finally came together on the wonderfull stage of the World Forum where AnimeCon is held we were all so thrilled! The after movie is still in production, but will be uploaded soon!


Toki changed her name to Alana and she wrote about here Iron Wigs before when she was waiting for the results of round 3. After this round came one more round before the finals and she managed to take second place! Here you can see all of her wigs, including some breakdowns. After this adventure she is now taking on commissions of every kind; props, wigs, you name it. So if you want some of her magic contact her on her cosplay page!

Mikers competed at AnimeCon with a solo costume; Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI. We had a lot of fun with one of his stage props, that being a blow up doll..! His act went very well and he will have the chance to perform it again at the Cosplay World Masters in Portugal in 2017!


This summer was a con-filled summer! After AnimeCon we were present at Amsterdam Comic Con with our booth, we hosted and presented the cosplay masquarades and held a zombify demonstration. It was our first time at an comic convention as cosplay guests and it’s certainly different than a anime convention. Mikers visited our neighbours to the east at Connichi in September and in October we visited both Firstlook Festival and Imagicon.

At Imagicon Alana hosted a Extreme Wig Making workshop and Mirai hosted a Cosplay Act Making workshop. The Wig workshop focussed on building shapes with hair using styrofoam forms. After a presentation and demonstration the attendees went to explore the basics of extreme wigmaking for themselves. Mirai talked about how we like to work when making a cosplay act and how we strip a story line down to its core to make it suitable for a short cosplay act.

This year, the preliminaries for the World Cosplay Summit where hosted at Firstlook Festival and the MMMC team consisted of Mirai and Kireus. They worked like crazy to finish everything in time but their hard work paid off as they were selected as the new Team Netherlands for the WCS 2017.

And now November is near and we have some more great news, but more about that later!